Age of existence

There is more treasure to be found in thought than of material possessions, with the overwhelming surplus of information and choice which is illusion at best has wedged a veritable gap in the stages of existence. The aesthetic symbols crowding every sense, every node of the conscious and unconscious beings we are. How then will spiritual existence be achieved in such modern dissidence, reducing the spiritual mind to rest in chaotic mire? When fingers alone provide answers with no direction. Has in fact the age of information surmounted to ultimate logic? Where all other collected thought becomes nothingness, lost in diluted translation, the idea of self-actualization abandoned? In turn we have not reached the pinnacle of information rather ones own ability to comprehend is self-fulfilled by the absent void of logic and reason by invisible airways.

Entry passage to rest of the work.

It's been awhile....

Haven't been online in awhile folks, just catching up on past post now.....
Soon enough I will be a bit more active online again....

I have returned from the depths of the underworld happy and prosperous.
Having drifted for the past year, working unusual jobs and traveling to unusual places all has just about come full circle. I have now once again a steady full time job, met my future wife with whom; have decided on a cozy little place to call our own. Fortunate for me most of my belongings are still boxed up in storage (about 95%) so moving this time around will be much easier. We did purchased a new couch last night; comfortable is not even a strong enough word to describe it, CAN'T WAIT TO CHILL OUT ON THAT THING!

Haven't been playing much music lately either, but the good thing is I will be setting up my studio space again once settled into the new place.... Drifting about doesn't leave you with much, eventually turning into an ideological disposition of sorts.

Much to look forward to, and the perfect time of year to continue!


My beautiful girlfriend and I just got back from vacation.... Ahhh many days at the beach in Myrtle Beach, and lots of firewroks... such a great time!
We both needed to get away from everything for a while so we spend 8 days down there.... swam with the fish and were only feet away from Aligators, was very cool...

Looks likes my days of being single are gone forever.... I plan on proposing to her this autumn... she knows it's comming, but just not sure when and how... hehehehehe... but yes... I already know she plans on accepting, because we have been discussing it for some time now, we will be moving in together very soon.... and we are very excited!!!!
Feels a bit strange... you know.... moving into the next stage of life, but it's a good weird and could not be happier.... Took along time to find a girl like her....
of course as things begin to take shape I will post more!

(no subject)

Fuck this transient lifeline,
I'm going on a bender,
wake up in a sewer drain,
existence without time.

Fuck the social order
I'm going back under
a new phrame to display
nihilism over self preservation.

How about parenting?

Kellogg announced today that they folded to the demands of bitchy parents about their poor damn kids health... Saying there over weight due to the high sugar levels and calories in Kellogg cereal... Kellogg will now re-adjust the ingredients in their cereals to make them healthier. What a crock of shit, I grew up with those cereals and you know what... my mother only bought them for my brother and I on occasion.
What ever happened to parenting, must we ruin everything good? I am so tired of this bullshit mentality, this crap has to change!